50 Things I Love About my Life

I've lived in Tanzania for 190 days and in my own house for a little more than 3 months at this point. Yesterday I was told, “You look amazing and sound genuinely happy from deep down.” I responded, "to know how happy I am here..you’d have to take whatever happiness shows in my facebook posts... Continue Reading →


Opportunities + Karibu 2018

During Pre-Service Training (PST) we were told to answer the prompt, “I have been given the opportunity to:_______________” which I loved. This really resonated with me! I actually even made it into a kinda-messy poster so I could look at it every day. (Don’t care if ya think it’s ridiculous) Just cause I like to... Continue Reading →

Byeeeeeeeee 2017

WHEW. I say this every year, but..I'm gonna say it anyway. what a year. Each year, I write something reflective about the past 365 days, but this year I’m finding it overwhelming. so here are some lists..lists are always fun. right? 35 things I did for the first time in 2017: being a tutor went... Continue Reading →

Morogoro and Dar es Salaam

So, I have been doing a little bit of traveling! From Nov 26 until Dec 10 I was in Morogoro for Early Service Training (EST). It was about a 7ish hour bus ride from my banking town, which isn’t too bad by Tanzanian standards. Morogoro is so. much. hotter. than where I live though, so... Continue Reading →

Nyumba Yangu

I have no idea how it has already been almost 1 month since my last post, I swear it feels like it was yesterday! Sorry! Anyway, I know I've posted pictures of my house here and there, but I wanted to make a post just dedicated to my house and the small things I have... Continue Reading →

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