To Say That I am Busy Would be an Understatement

This is not a complaint post--more of an update. Posts like this will give me something to look back on (how I was feeling, what I was thinking, etc.) and may be helpful to other future Peace Corps Volunteers. So first: what happened to CrossFit? It got moved to the backburner. The farthest back of... Continue Reading →


A Timeline of my Application Process

December 2016: 12/26 Submitted basic application online. This included questions that took about an hour and a 500 word Aspiration Statement. January 2017: 1/1-1/21 It took about 3 weeks to complete my Health History Form-picture having to get medical records from a bunch of doctors, complete questions, list medications, give an illness history, etc. 1/23 After submitting... Continue Reading →

U.S. Teacher Correspondence

I am looking for U.S. teachers who would be interested in corresponding with me or another Peace Corps Volunteer during service. When you click the link below, you can specifically request to match with me, or you can leave it blank and will be matched with someone else looking for teachers to correspond with! As... Continue Reading →

Invitation to Serve in Tanzania

As most of you know, I have officially accepted an invitation to become a Peace Corps trainee. I was invited to work as a Secondary Education Math Teacher in Tanzania (pending medical and legal clearances). As of now, as long as I medically/legally clear and can keep up with the very long list of PC... Continue Reading →

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