10 Things to do While Waiting to Hear From the Peace Corps

A list of 10 things to do while waiting to hear back from the Peace Corps after submitting your application:

  1. Read the entire Peace Corps website. All of it.
  2. Read every Peace Corps Volunteer’s blog that you can find on the Internet, regardless of what country the volunteers were in, what year they served, and what their job was.
  3. Pace. A lot of pacing.
  4. Practice answers to possible interview questions out loud in the car, in front of a mirror, while walking across campus, in the shower, while cooking—really any time you are thinking about them. Which is always.
  5. Watch every Peace Corps Cribs videos on Youtube.
  6. Study world geography using websites that have geography games.
  7. Email your recruiter multiple times to double, triple, and quadruple check that you’ve done everything you were supposed to and met all deadlines. (Find that you did, and resume Step 3).
  8. Work out, do homework early, study and read extra stuff in textbooks, literally do everything you can to keep your mind off of worrying and stressing over something that is now out of your control.
  9. Try to hold in your constant excitement and anxiety about the possibility of being chosen, because after a few months of it, nobody cares anymore.
  10. Write a list of things you’ve caught yourself doing while waiting to hear from the Peace Corps.

….Then, you get the email. (Actually two emails). One tells you that you are being considered for Tanzania, and the second lets you know that you’ve been selected to interview for the position of Secondary Education Math Teacher in Tanzania. Commence shaking, sweating, happy-crying in public, and calling your family. But after that? There is more waiting. 2 weeks until your interview and then two more weeks until your “know by” date. See above for ideas of what to do while you’re waiting.


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