U.S. Teacher Correspondence

I am looking for U.S. teachers who would be interested in corresponding with me or another Peace Corps Volunteer during service. When you click the link below, you can specifically request to match with me, or you can leave it blank and will be matched with someone else looking for teachers to correspond with! As someone who didn’t hear about the Peace Corps until college, I think it would be a great experience for students to see what PCV’s do and learn a little bit about another area of the world.

I will be a Secondary Ed. Education Volunteer. This means that if your students are older or younger than jr. high/high school, or if you are interested in matching with someone who is not a math teacher, I would recommend applying for a volunteer, but not specifying to match with me. The age of your students can range from Preschool to University age. You can also select a specific sector; for example, you can request a Health, Community Economic Development or Agriculture Volunteer. You can make your selection based onย what area of the world you would like to connect with, and if you are a language teacher, you can also make the selection based on language.

Absolutely no pressure, I just wanted to put this opportunity out there for anyone who may be interested!

You can register here:



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