A Timeline of my Application Process

December 2016:

12/26 Submitted basic application online. This included questions that took about an hour and a 500 word Aspiration Statement.

January 2017:

1/1-1/21 It took about 3 weeks to complete my Health History Form-picture having to get medical records from a bunch of doctors, complete questions, list medications, give an illness history, etc.

1/23 After submitting my Health History, I had 2 calendar days to make the selection of where I wanted to be considered for and what work I want to do (You make three paired choices, in order of interest for example: Thailand-Education, Philippines-Health, Madagascar-Education). I didn’t have a specific place in mind, so after thinking about this decision since December, I decided to just go for it and choose to be sent anywhere.

My three choices were:

  1. Send me where I’m needed-Education
  2. Send me where I’m needed-Youth in Development
  3. Send me where I’m needed-Health

1/25 After submitting those, I had two more calendar days to complete a Soft-Skills Questionnaire. This consisted of putting 60 traits/skills/ideas in order from most important to least important. (This was one of the more difficult things that I’ve had to do!)

1/25 During this time I also was creating and perfecting a Peace Corps Resume and cover letter. I wanted final drafts of both of these things submitted at the time of my Soft-Skills Questionnaire because once that is done, placement officers can start looking at your “application portal” to consider you for positions.

February 2017:

2/1 I received two emails. The first said that I was being considered for Tanzania, and that I would receive an email ‘in the coming months’ regarding what position they were considering me for. The second email (which usually does not come the same day, I am gathering) said, “Thank you for your interest in the Peace Corps, I would like to arrange an interview with you for a Secondary Education Math Teacher position in Tanzania.”

2/14 I had my interview at 1:00 on Valentine’s Day. It took a little over an hour. My interviewer reminded me that I will not hear anything until March 1st. As a person who is impatient when it comes to things like this, I was trying to figure out how I was going to stay sane during the next 2 weeks. At the time I thought that my interview went well, but I could already feeeeeeel the doubts creeping in within a few hours. Why didn’t I say this? Why did I say that? I knew that after two weeks of not hearing anything I would for sure be crying on the couch about how “horrible” my interview was while going through all of the “should have saids.”

2/15 I was walking on campus and decided to check my email for the third time that day–even though I told myself I was going to patiently wait until March 1st and not obsessively check my email. And? There it was. An email formally inviting me to serve as a Secondary Education Math Teacher in Tanzania. (Commence happy-crying in public, calling family members, and more crying.)

2/16 I accepted my invitation and received emails with more information and resources than I knew what to do with about service and specifically Tanzania. I also received a lot of legal and medical “tasks” that need to be completed within a specific time frame. I am about to be a busy, busy person who is going to be stuck with a needle more times than I can count.


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