To Say That I am Busy Would be an Understatement

This is not a complaint post–more of an update. Posts like this will give me something to look back on (how I was feeling, what I was thinking, etc.) and may be helpful to other future Peace Corps Volunteers.

So first: what happened to CrossFit?

It got moved to the backburner. The farthest back of the backburners. I have probably been to the gym 10 times in the past two months. This makes me sad because I miss the people, and I miss the sport, and I miss the dead on the floor feeling of Crossfit. I miss Olympic lifting; however, this has shown me that we are transitional beings. There are times in your life where different things are of different levels of importance, and that is okay. So for now, I am active when I can be and I do things that are fun for me (i.e. partner workouts, oly lifting, running outside, yoga). It has all just moved down on the priority list.

Secondly: Life update.

Right now, I have quite a few things going on. I am taking 16 credits in the last semester of my senior year of college (that itself is crazy, by the way) and will be graduating April 29th. I paddle with UPJ’s Concrete Canoe team, I tutor upwards of 10 hours per week, I have a senior engineering project that takes another 6-8 hours weekly, and I am trying to get medically and legally ready to leave the country in 4 months. (just for reference, after next week I will have been to a doctor’s office 7 times in three weeks including getting a wisdom tooth taken out, immunizations, blood work, a filling, two new pairs of glasses, dental x-rays and a new birth control implant in my arm). These are just a few of the medical tasks. It’s an extremely good thing I am not squeamish when it comes to needles because I’d estimate that’s about 10-12 pokes in just one sentence.

And of course, there are more legal tasks, other general tasks, and learning modules to complete. And then, I have to figure out how the heck to pack my life into two checked bags and a carry-on while including everything recommended in packing lists and staying under 100lbs total. Of course, there is also the issue of buying all of those things that I need to pack.

Did I mention that I need to start learning Swahili?

At least I know that everyone leaving for TZ in July with me is going through something similar–we can all do this! Feeling excited, a little tired and more than ready to graduate, but mostly just excited.


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