Now We Wait: A Legal Update and an Emotional Update

As of now, I am working with a nurse to complete my medical tasks originally submitted mid-April. Several documents needed to be resubmitted and medical conditions or history explained in more detail which is normal. On the legal side, I (along with several other people planning to leave for TZ in my training class) recently received an email stating that “administrative delays” are causing my legal background investigation to take longer than expected. Even though the delay is not caused by anything I have done, I will not be able to leave with my training class if my legal clearance is not completed within 5 days of my departure date.

I was given the choice between: 1. Sticking with my training class and hoping that my clearance is done in time, or 2. Leaving my training class and working with a placement officer to discuss other country and work options. I’ve elected to stay with my training class and hope that the clearance will be done in time.

Hoping for my clearance as well as everyone else’s in my training class! (Especially because many of us have quit jobs, sold houses, elected to not apply for jobs, missed grad school deadlines, etc.)

Now, I’m going to assume that I am actually going to Tanzania in July and answer the question E V E R Y O N E has asked me lately: Yes! I am still excited!

At about 7 weeks out from staging, I’d say I am 99.5% excited and curious. I am so ready to finally see what the country, culture, teaching, other Peace Corps volunteers, food, etc. is all like. The 0.5% of me that is not ecstatic is just worried about being seriously injured/dying in a bus accident holding someone else’s chickens.

Fingers crossed for legal clearance, fingers crossed for not being involved in a bus accident if I do actually leave in July.


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