whatcha doing over there ‘in africa’?

I don’t know if people have an image of me not bathing, living without a refrigerator or running water, meditating, killing bugs. (I mean, that's accurate, but there’s wayyyyy more to my life) or maybe you think I’m working at a school that semi-resembles an American school whether by infrastructure, social structure, professionalism, or goals.... Continue Reading →


they told me to expect “high highs and low lows”

Let’s say as human beings, we have an emotional scale of 0-100, with 100 being extreme “high” emotions and 0 being extreme “low.” (this very obviously isn't a perfect representation but it works for this example.) In America, I’d say I had a daily, average, emotional range of 40-60. Every once in a while I’d... Continue Reading →


So.. you're probably thinking: what the heck is this? Lately I am finding that there seem to be two ways to document my service here. I want to share about 1. The culture around me. The people. Beautiful things and challenges about life here. While of course these things are still seen with the lens... Continue Reading →

the privilege of a root canal

Lately I’ve been thinking about how privileged I am as a Peace Corps Volunteer. There are a lot of situations where I feel that I could complain about how “bad things are for me,” and lets be real: I do complain. to myself, usually followed by an eye roll. to my fellow PCVs , always... Continue Reading →

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