Nyumba Yangu

I have no idea how it has already been almost 1 month since my last post, I swear it feels like it was yesterday! Sorry! Anyway, I know I've posted pictures of my house here and there, but I wanted to make a post just dedicated to my house and the small things I have... Continue Reading →



WHOA SHE STILL HAS A BLOG? Yep. I do. Here it is, here I am. (nipo!) As I type this, it is my 107th day in Tanzania. I am in my house (my own house), listening to Meek over my neighbor's church tv (as one does) and procrastinating the god-awful task of washing my dishes.... Continue Reading →

My First Weeks Internship Teaching

HEY, another disclaimer: This post is based on my experiences so far. It doesn't represent the country or every volunteer's experience. So. I knew that teaching in a Tanzanian school would be difficult. Even when I heard that the government makes it mandatory for students to be taught in English in secondary school..I knew that... Continue Reading →

Peace Corps Training: Week 0

So, I have spent the past week-ish in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In that time....so much has happened; however, not a ton of blog-worthy stuff has happened. So first "important" updates, and then some random details of the past week that some people may be interested in. First and foremost, if you want to be... Continue Reading →

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