the privilege of a root canal

Lately I’ve been thinking about how privileged I am as a Peace Corps Volunteer. There are a lot of situations where I feel that I could complain about how “bad things are for me,” and lets be real: I do complain. to myself, usually followed by an eye roll. to my fellow PCVs , always... Continue Reading →


when it rains, it rains a lot

I would say when it rains, it pours... but it’s not pouring. Not really. Just constant drizzle. I’ve been sick last weekend and most of this school week and what better to do when you can’t be more than 15 feet from a bathroom than to write a blog post. I am always wary of... Continue Reading →

50 Things I Love About my Life

I've lived in Tanzania for 190 days and in my own house for a little more than 3 months at this point. Yesterday I was told, “You look amazing and sound genuinely happy from deep down.” I responded, "to know how happy I am’d have to take whatever happiness shows in my facebook posts... Continue Reading →

Opportunities + Karibu 2018

During Pre-Service Training (PST) we were told to answer the prompt, “I have been given the opportunity to:_______________” which I loved. This really resonated with me! I actually even made it into a kinda-messy poster so I could look at it every day. (Don’t care if ya think it’s ridiculous) Just cause I like to... Continue Reading →

Byeeeeeeeee 2017

WHEW. I say this every year, but..I'm gonna say it anyway. what a year. Each year, I write something reflective about the past 365 days, but this year I’m finding it overwhelming. so here are some lists..lists are always fun. right? 35 things I did for the first time in 2017: being a tutor went... Continue Reading →

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