25 things i love about teaching

I’ve been trying to write a new blog post and just haven’t had the words..or at least I haven’t the words that are appropriate for the internet. And you know I put a lot on the internet..so that’s saying a lot. So I thought..I guess I’ll go to the good ole fallback—a list. While my... Continue Reading →


they told me to expect “high highs and low lows”

Let’s say as human beings, we have an emotional scale of 0-100, with 100 being extreme “high” emotions and 0 being extreme “low.” (this very obviously isn't a perfect representation but it works for this example.) In America, I’d say I had a daily, average, emotional range of 40-60. Every once in a while I’d... Continue Reading →

the privilege of a root canal

Lately I’ve been thinking about how privileged I am as a Peace Corps Volunteer. There are a lot of situations where I feel that I could complain about how “bad things are for me,” and lets be real: I do complain. to myself, usually followed by an eye roll. to my fellow PCVs , always... Continue Reading →

Opportunities + Karibu 2018

During Pre-Service Training (PST) we were told to answer the prompt, “I have been given the opportunity to:_______________” which I loved. This really resonated with me! I actually even made it into a kinda-messy poster so I could look at it every day. (Don’t care if ya think it’s ridiculous) Just cause I like to... Continue Reading →

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